I have been surrounded by Art my whole life.

My mother is a painter capable of reproducing any kind of Art and I always have been fascinated by her talent.

Writing came first until the words weren’t enough to free myself. 


I am a self-taught artist. I started painting on canvas 5 years ago after leaving my native country (Italy).

I started an intense and marvellous journey of 3 years in Australia.


I like to think that my Art manifests when I am in need of answers; 

as long I am true to myself, I will be able to pour my essence into my Art. 


By doing this, I will always discover a new side inside that will unlock new perspectives.

I believe that Art is a form of meditation, a portal to another dimension that actually helps to make sense of the dimension we are living in…


I noticed that I am often ''thinking in colors’’, 

but, in my mind, colors are always without a practical form. 

In my world, there is no border that defines a figure; you can’t see where it begins nor where it ends, and, in the end, it all melts together. 


Photography helps me to leave nothing unsaid;

Pictures have a way of capturing the magic of a moment, even the magic that we miss in that very moment.

The instant lives within the image.

I wish for a path full of adventures and revelations and I trust that my Art, in all her different shapes, will always bring me where I am meant to be.